First Date


1. Get Excited but don’t get carried away:

Set your expectations too high and you are going to Be really disappointed if he or she doesn’t rock up! Keep your expectations in check and be realistic.

2. Put into Perspective:

Putting into perspective what a first date can help reduce anxiety, stress and the temptation to back Out last minute! A first date is about investing your Time and emotions to fully be present on the date, listening to them and contributing to the conversation, seeing whether you can laugh, make one another smile and whether you fee excited to see them again.

3. Have a reality check:

A First date is simply a chance to meet someone new, face to face, to see whether you got on. That’s it. You might or might not get on with them, but you can at the very least have an interesting chat them if its latter. The reality is your unlikely to hit it off with everyone, you will like some a lot more than other and some are heck off a lot less.

4. Make an effort to look great:

Look great and you’ll feel great. Wear something you would naturally wear. A date is worth the effort to put that extra time into looking your best.

5. Put Thought into the date venue:

Planning a date venue where you will both have a great time is important. Doing something fun together helps bring out your body language, which is, must for forming relationship and bonding. Do something that gets you both moving or that takes the pressure off you both – a comedy club and drinks, a wine tasting glass and mini golf. Whatever it is you do, have some fun.


6. Smile:

It may sound like common sense but if you are feeling a bit nervous, you can forget to smile. Not only does smiling project confidence but it also raises energy level, which is exactly what you need plenty on first date.

Remember conversation is a two-way street:

Ask plenty of questions and be sure to listen to the answers. Nerves can something get the better offers. If you know are likely to be shy on the date, think ahead about the question you might remember to take a breath and let your date talk. Let the conversation flow.

8. Keep it positive:

Exes, a bad days in the office or family problems keep it to your self if you want a second date!

9. Don’t expect fireworks:

If they happen, great! But don’t go into a date, expecting instantaneous chemistry. Love and attraction often develops at a slow pace and overtime. Don’t rule out someone because you didn’t feel a spark straight away, give things a chance to develop

10. Make eye contact:

Not only does eye contact create a bond between yourself and your date, but it also shows you are giving them full attention.


11. Relax and stop with the analysis:

Don’t spend the date mentally taking off your dating checklist. Be present, enjoy their company, loosen up and have fun.

12. Forget the three-day rule:

You hit it off? Great, time to get another date in the dairy. Forget about the “three day rule” and drop your date align the next date to get something sorted.

13. Say thank you:

Even if you don’t plan on seeing one again it respectful to thank for the date and wish them luck on their search. If we were all that little bit more respectful and kind with one another, dating would be so much easier.

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