About Us

Who we are?

We are OccasionVenue.com

Our goal is to give more choices to the wedding to become more festive on a single Click.

We are Rajasthan’s largest network of wedding venues and vendors. Venues for wedding spread across 26 places of Rajasthan with 350+ venues and hotels. We are offering standardized information about the venue.


Occasion venue promises to provide the correct and fruitful information.


Occasion venue offers direct contact with the venue owners and vendor, no other player in the such segment offers today.

Technology Driven

Occasion venue uses technology to link all its functions and provide the customer a seamless overwhelming experience.


We provide All the Marriage Venue of 26 Cities of Rajasthan with there Capacity, Price, Photos, and Distance from Airport, Bus Stand and Railway Station And the photographs of best work which is done in previously.

You can find an Occasion Venue in 26 cities across Rajasthan.


We have 34 categories Vendors related to the wedding. We provide details of vendors direct to the client. And we have Vendors as per there Price, Experience, Place and there Pictures of work before they done.